A Toast to 2023

CREDITS Printed in Vancouver, Canada

Design, drawing and writing: Airi Nishioka and Hayley Ng
“Indeed, every day is bread day.”

Introducing  “A Toast to 2023,” a line of cozy, bread themed products that you can purchase to ring in the new year! Hand drawn by Airi and handwritten by Hayley, this would be a great addition for any bread lovers. Products for sale include a 2023 calendar postcard set, an 11”x17” poster and a pack of 12 assorted bread stickers. All items are handmade and sold through Airi and Hayley’s social media platforms and studio website, SORT (2550 Stephens St, Vancouver, BC), and Esthette (3567 Commercial St, Vancouver, BC).

︎︎︎Photo and GIF credits: Airi Nishioka 
︎︎︎AH Bread Promo Reel from Hayley Ng on Vimeo

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